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Language Changes

Ankündigung | 30.08.2019 / 20:43 Uhr

Little update you can now change the languages between German and English.
we have not translated everything yet the days come several translation updates.

with friendly greetings
Your Inside-Five Team.

Patch 1.2 Rise of Storm

Ankündigung | 26.07.2019 / 17:41 Uhr

Welcome to Patch 1.2, Rise of Storm!

In this patch, players can expect a new map (Forgotten Saintmorning).
In which the lvl area goes from 350 - 400.
There you will find a boss monster on 400 which would soon drop interesting items.
He has a spawn time of every 2 hours after his killing then...

Moar Players

Ankündigung | 16.07.2019 / 22:02 Uhr

The inside team is very grateful for the active vote that there are more and more players !!! Then the admin can soon buy a new Porsche ... ehh I buy a better server for the donations :)

Das Inside Team ist sehr dankbar für das Aktive Voten den es werden immer mehr Spieler !!! Dann kann sich ...





Server Peak11

GM's online0

EXP Rate1000x

Drop Rate100x

Penya Rate250x

Dr. Weigl